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The Innovation in car depollution

STH-Anlagenbau is a globally operating company. The company designs, develops, manufactures and supplies recycling equipment, car-depollution equipment and hydraulic equipment worldwide. Our products are innovative, high quality and highly effective under the most diverse circumstances. Since 1990, STH has manufactured recycling equipment for specialised industries around the world.

Whether you choose one of the mobile stations or the stationary systems you can trust STH to get the job done in a perfect way!

Years of experience, constant research and development for the best solutions, high-quality products and service are the profits they use with STH.

STH-Anlagenbau mobile recycling equipment H10/ H12 for the drainage of ELV-Vehicles is the leading technology worldwide. Convince yourself of it!

Our name represents quality, functionality and exceeding efficiency and we would like to solicit your interest in our products. If you have any questions or need more information please do not hesitate to contact us every time.

mobile TA H12 mit Auto

mobile TA H12 with car

Tire press KA 850

Tire press KA 850



st. TA STM Modus with accessories

st. TA STM Modus with accessories

Airbag detonation device

Airbag detonation device

Tapping tools

Tapping tools



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Mr. Siegfried Huber 
Welding technology/ Mechanical Engineering
Mr. Kurt Hutter
0049 (0) 9401-53979-14
Electrical engineering
Mr. Sebastian Huber
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Mrs. Cindy Leikam
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We search people for a diverse part-time job: Assistant (m/w)

News & Appointments

This summer a product presentation with a talk takes place on the company area of the STH-Anlagenbau GmbH.

Above all this event is directed at fire brigades and at members of the technical charitable organisation (THW), as well as at all the other rescue forces and enthusiasts.

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